Tuesday, May 15, 2007

she's here

AF has arrived already. Very early. But I think last cycle she came early, so it's no big deal. I think when there is no transfer, it is expected that your period will come within a week to ten days. I made it in 5, so whatever. I will start the pill tonight.

We don't have our follow up visit until May 30. Then we will discuss the drug plan (micro-dose Lu*pron) for the next cycle. I will also be asking tons of questions about what we will do if we decide to go the donor route. I want to know if he thinks we should do medicated (I think probably yes, but am not certain) and whether he would be willing to accept donor sperm and sign a waver and hand it off to us for us to do it on our own if we so chose (which I don't think we will, but I want to know).

MIL leaves tomorrow morning, very early. It has been a nice visit, but it will be nice to have the house to ourselves again. There exists a chance in our future that she will have to live with us. It's vaguely frightening, but we're trying not to worry about that quite yet. It makes T kind of sad to think about his mom's future, so he generally avoids it. But we know it's there and we think of it when she's around. For now, she goes back to Oregon.

Today we took her to the coolest place. The Harvard Museum of Natural History has an exhibit with glass flowers. They are just amazing. They are so real looking. They are so delicate and accurate, and there are enlargements of cross cuts and other plant parts. Very cool. I hadn't been there since I was a little girl, and I really enjoyed it. If you live in Boston, or come here to visit, I recommend it highly.


Mary Ellen and Steve said...

She did come early. That exhibit sounds really cool. We might have to check it out. Enjoy having the house to yourself.

ultimatejourney said...

Wow, that's very early. Does that mean your next cycle will start that much sooner too? That could be a good thing.

That exhibit looks interesting. I'm always looking for new and unique things to do.

We should get together after you've had a chance to decompress from your MIL visit.

Becks said...

The exhibit sounds great - pity I am in England...BUT I do get to the States once a year so I might have to put Boston on my list of places to go.

Hope your MIL is ok when she leaves and that you and your hubby enjoy some couple time.

Samantha said...

Wow, lots of choices to figure out for your next cycle. Good luck with your visit.

I remember the visiting the exhibit of glass flowers a few years ago. I was totally amazed by the detail!

Sticky Bun said...

Sounds like you've got a ton to work through...wishing you all the best with your decisions.

Enjoy having the place to yourself again!

Sarah said...

much as we hate AF sometimes, it is another beginning. and sounds like you have a good plan for your next consult. i hope you get the answers you need.

Anonymous said...

The glass flowers are very cool!

If my MIL was ever going to move in with us, I think I would be forced to leave my husband.