Saturday, November 03, 2012


Ok, he's acting better today. He pooped 3 times before noon and didn't go at all yesterday (I'm not sure about the day before.) Could constipation have caused this?

I mean, he's very strong willed and challenging most of the time, but he was way, way, WAY worse than normal on Friday. I would have guessed he was sick except he wasn't. Maybe his tummy hurt?

He has good days and bad days, but his bad days weren't usually as bad as Friday.

Anyway, I'm feeling slightly less freaked out today and more hopeful it might be age appropriate frustrating behavior.

Thanks all.

Friday, November 02, 2012

Behavior Issues

Henry is having some behavior issues. I know this is pretty normal for an active three-year-old boy, but he is having problems in school. Today was a particularly bad day. He had to go sit in the director's office for a bit. One of the teachers told me that they felt like one of them had to stay with H and be one-on-one with him and that left the other teacher to deal with all of the other kids. He is openly defiant and doesn't respond to consequences.

They know I know this. He is like this at home. I am pretty consistent and do the time out thing and I can, with time and effort and endless patience (sometimes), get him to do what I need him to do.

He is also really fine sometimes. If we go to a playground, he is usually pretty good. He is very active and loves to climb.  He is a little handsy at times, but if I put him in time out at the playground he will stay in time out and usually be a bit better afterward.

The thing is, he has biological relatives who have some serious behavioral issues. Some of this stuff must be genetic. I am a little afraid.

I don't want him to get kicked out of school. I don't want him to have no friends.

Today I am worried. I left a voice mail to my old therapist to get some advice. I really, sincerely hope he grows out of this, but I am concerned.

He can be so wonderful sometimes. And he's adorable. Why can't he just listen a little bit?