Saturday, October 31, 2009

Friday, October 30, 2009

At Grammie's

We went over to Grammie and Grampie's house yesterday. My mom fed him twice and changed a poopy diaper, which thrills her. She just loves babies.

Staring at Grammie

Today there is a costume party at T's office, so I'll get Henry all dolled up and bring him there.

T and I had a discussion/argument about finding our "new" roles now that I've quit my job. I put it in quotes because the roles aren't particularly different, but I have to reframe things a little bit now that I'm not working out of the house. We've always had some differences in perception on how things were divided inside the house, and now that I'm always home it seems like it needs some more shifting. It's a pretty complicated thing for us, especially since domestic chores and such has always been the biggest source of contention in our relationship in general.

I'm finding it interesting that Henry won't really nap very well in his crib, but if we go out and he falls asleep, he'll sleep for hours in his car seat. He naps well in his bouncy seat, too. But it would help me do more things around the house if he'd sleep in his room as I wouldn't worry about leaving him and the animals alone for more than just a moment or two. I don't like to leave them all together alone for 10 or 15 minute stretches.

Henry's stirring. Time to eat again!

In a sweater I made for baby S a few years ago.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Best friends?

Maybe someday.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Nothing to say, but everything is good

What can I say? It's simple. I'm happy.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

frightfully cute, indeed

Henry was very popular over the weekend.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Long weekend

I had a long and busy weekend. My nephew had his bar mitzvah and there were lots of out of town families. Our house lost power for 20 hours, so we ended up staying in the hotel where everyone was staying and driving back and forth for our formal clothing and to walk Bdog. We were running all around, but everyone was doting all over little Henry. I found out 2 of my cousins are expecting, but I wasn't too thrown off by it. I still have some issues around pregnancy, but I didn't feel my stomach drop to the floor. Baby steps, right?

I'm so exhausted that I can't even write anything, but I wanted to post this picture. :)

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


I resigned from my job today. In person. I brought Henry with me. My boss was amazing. She said she somewhat expected this. (I'm not surprised by that.) She also said that she completely understands, she thinks I'm doing the right thing and that if our positions were reversed, she'd do the exact same thing. She also said to not hesitate to use her as a reference or even if I wanted to come back or wanted help finding part time or work from home work that she'd help me out. It really could not have been better. I expected her to not be surprised, but I didn't expect this much support. It really made me feel good about the decision.

And if I needed more help, this is what I came home to after walking Bdog this morning.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Date night

T and I went on our first date night last night. We left little Henry at my parents' house and went to a lovely steak dinner. It was super yummy and I had two (2) glasses of wine, so I was a bit in la-la land. It was definitely a place where we could not take Henry and having such super yummy food was quite a treat. I was a little nervous and thought about Henry almost the whole time, but I didn't call and was quite calm. I am so proud of how calm I am with him. I espouse a Free Range ideology, and I feel like I am living up to that with the way I am parenting Henry. There's not much free ranging for an infant, but I feel I am doing what I can do with this in teaching him how to be independent from the very beginning. Free Range doesn't mean less love, it just means less worry and hovering.

We also went to an adoption group yesterday. I am trying to arrange one close to home, but there were 4 other families there with kids ranging from 8 months to 2 1/2 years. It was really great and I hope we can keep it up and get the closer one rolling. One cool thing is that one of the parents at the adoption group was someone that T and I had met in a 'Waiting Families' support group. It was so cool to get together with our children after fretting together about whether we'd actually ever get to be parents!

We're enjoying a chill long weekend, which is nice. Next weekend is a bar mitzvah weekend and will be full of family and being places, so I'm glad we can relax for now.

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Two Month Check-Up

We had our two month check up today. That meant shots. The PA did them really quickly and Henry only cried very briefly, which was a relief. I was nervous about them, but they did such a quick job I didn't really have time to freak out too much. I'm sure this is from experience.

I have to say I love our pediatrician. He is so calming, and he makes me feel so good about myself and how I am doing as a mom. He can see how happy both Henry and I are, and he tells me that our happiness is a self-fulfilling prophecy and that Henry will just be happier and happier and cuter and sweeter because that's how he is now and that's how I expect him to be. Henry is about average in height and a little above average in weight. He's healthy and growing as expected and doing really well.

I've been going to my in-town Mom's group every week and I went on a social outing with a social Mom's group yesterday for coffee. I enjoyed that and will be trying to go again. I had T's friend S come over and help us de-clutter, which was great. Our house is looking infinitely better, especially downstairs. She also helped us turn our 3rd fl into the guest bedroom now that Henry took over the previous one. She assembled a bed from 1ke@ for us, which was HUGE.

The other huge thing is that I'm 99% sure I've decided to quit my job. Everything is pointing toward that for me and I think I'm just going to do it. The 1% is really just my fear of doing it. Can I tell my boss over the phone? Everyone has been so encouraging about it that I'm just going to do it because I think it's what will make me happiest in the end. I'm going to double check that I'm not accruing anything or earning anything at work (I don't think I am) and maybe talk to my boss on Friday. Any resigning advice? I want to leave on as positive a note as possible.

And don't forget the cuteness: