Wednesday, May 03, 2006

my chromosomes

So, when T had blood taken for chromosome analysis, I did too. I never heard anything, so I assumed they were okay. Doctors only call when there's a problem. But when we went to see the genetic counselor, there were no results for me. The lab messed up, and I would have to go get my blood drawn again. At the same time we decided to do a small Ashkenazi panel to check for other inherited diseases. I told the phlebotomist that there should be two requisition forms because I was having two different tests done. She looked and looked and looked, but only found one piece of paper. So I let it be hand had two tubes drawn. Now the genetic counselor called me again today saying the blood for my chromosome analysis wasn't drawn. Now I have to go have blood drawn for this test for the third time. This is incredibly frustrating. It would make me lose faith in the lab, but two different labs screwed up two different times. There's not one specific place to blame. So I have to go again tomorrow morning and have blood drawn. This is really not helping me relax.

It's amazing how the tiniest thing can put me in a funk. I haven't been in the greatest place as of late, but I feel like this has set me back again. I'm really pissed off and sad. Of course, it might just be I'm hungry. The yogurt that I brought for breakfast didn't taste right, so all I've eaten is an orange.

Plus I have my class tonight. I'm going to go to a computer tutoring session on STATA, then I will eat dinner, then I will go to class. The stuff we're doing now is incredibly complicated and my focus is really poor. I'm trying to hold out some home for this final, but I am quite skeptical. I can't seem to follow linear thought these days. But I have to try. And I'm hoping that stupid STATA will help. Plus I need to do my private tutoring session. That may help. I just have a few more weeks and it will all be over. A few more weeks....

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UtRus said...

well, you're not alone there - i tell you the labs are always messing things up! just happened to me this week! anyway, about a year ago i did the Ashkanaz panel, too, and i turned out + for Cystic fibrosis. but my husband is negative, so we're ok for that (it's a recessive - both people must have it to pass it on). anyway, this pre-preg blood testing is a really good thing (when the labs finally do it, that is!)