Thursday, May 18, 2006

D-Day #1

Well, here it is. In a short while I will be in the office of Dr. R, Reproductive Endocrinologist. This, I imagine, is the first appointment in what's bound to be a long and complex (and sad) journey, but one that will, someday, hopefully end up happy. This will have a resolution someday. It will not necessarily be what I had always expected the result will be, but there will be some sort of ending. Someday. This doctor looks so young. His picture is on the IVF clinic's web site. He's only been at this IVF center for a year or so. That's not a good thing, is it? I guess he was a Fellow for 3 years before this, though. So that's something. We'll have to ask how much experience he has with all this stuff. I know it can really make a difference, especially with the PGD stuff. Though, I don't think they do the PGD there. I think they ship the embryos somewhere and then ship them back. This just feels so wrong to me. So wrong.

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