Thursday, May 04, 2006

I heart pickles

The guy who made my sandwich gave me an extra pickle. I thought that was nice. I love pickles.

Let's see. I've seen three pregnant women in the last 12 hours. Only 1 of them made me cry, though. Two out of three ain't bad?

I thought I only had two biostats class left, but I guess I have three (including the exam). I went to a tutoring session last night and the TA thought that the prof would scale the exams. She tried to assure me that I would get the B- I need to get my money back. I'm not so convinced. But we'll see what happens. I got a 96 on the homework that stressed me out so much last week. That's pretty good. So I've gotten one B and the rest As on the homeworks. If that is the case, I should have been able to pull off at least a C or B- on the exam. But noooooo. Maybe my tutoring session this weekend with E will be helpful. I am also looking forward to filling out the class evaluation form. Apparently some of my classmates have gone to town on it.

We have a busy weekend this weekend. Friday night we're going out with a group of friends to this place. I hope it's good. Cuchi Cuchi, though? I dunno... Plus, I realized it's Cinco de Mayo. But this is apparently some sort of fusion/funky whatever place. It's not a margarita haven with nachos, so we should be okay. Like T says, we go to a Mexican place on St. Patrick's Day and an Irish place on Cinco de Mayo. This isn't Irish, but good enough. Actually, this year on St. Patty's Day we went to a Jewish deli. They still had corned beef and cabbage, though. Yum.

As I was saying, Friday we're going out with a group, Saturday we're babysitting for my neices and meeting my parents and my other brother's family for dinner. Then Sunday it's to E's house to see the paint job on the baby's room and some statistical tutoring. Oh yes, and my ceremonial return of Taking Charge of Your Fertility. Don't need that sucker anymore. I mean, since I'm always talking about not doing IVF, I suppose it's not completely relevent. But I get it enough to know how to identify my fertile time (it's right now) and it doesn't even touch my miscarriage worries. Anyway, with all of that I'm hoping to have enough time to move some of the hosta to shade the roots of my clematis in the front garden. This will be my attempt at keeping the roots cool so they bloom. It's so complicated.

So, time is marching on. Two weeks from today is the IVF appointment. I'm still feeling ambivelent. I guess in my head I've decided that if we're covered completely by insurance I won't hesitate to do the IVF with PGD. If we're not completely covered then I may argue for just ttc the old-fashioned way. I haven't told T this. I just decided this as I was carrying my extra-pickled sandwich into my office. T, if you're reading, I think this is the conclusion I've come to. But we can talk about it more later.

I had my blood drawn again this morning. Happily, the weather was lovely and getting there was easy. I hope the results will come in before that appointment in two weeks. If they didn't, that would be a complete pain in the arse.

Happy Thursday. It's almost Friday almost.

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