Thursday, June 01, 2006

Oy, the cats

Our cat Sascha is walking in front of me and head-butting my arms as I try to type this. She apparently loves blogging. She even has a big tail. She's very excited. Her brother Riley is, of course, lying somewhere and not moving,but it's difficult to blame him because it is kind of hot.

T's working late, so I grilled by myself tonight. As I was letting the coals get grey, the sky started threatening, so I freaked out and called my dad to see what to do. I'm such a wuss. I was totally afraid that it was going to rain on my food and I wouldn't know what to do and it would get all wet on the way into the house. But I'm pretty new to grilling. My dad said that a little water never ruined a meal, and the top of the grill would protect it while I was cooking. Happily, it was just really windy, and the rain didn't start until after I put the grill cover on. I grilled tofu and asparagus. I love asparagus, and grilled asparagus is even better than regular asparagus. I left the food out on the kitchen table and I hope Riley isn't eating the leftovers that are supposed to be for T. I even made T a special treat because he had such a bad day. Now I want him to come home because I want some too. I mean, I want him to come home because I want to see him. (And eat some rice krispie treat.) So much for losing 10 lbs before we ttc again.

I have two clematis in the front garden. One of them is doing really, really well and even has a couple of buds! I'm so excited! It's twirling up the trellis. The other one is growing, but not quite so vigorously. I think it may have to do with exposure to sunlight, but there's nothing I can do about it now. I planted two different colors, so maybe one type just grows faster than the other type. I wonder which one is the one that's growing. But I'm very pleased with my plants. My morning glories need to be put somewhere where they can grow up a trellis or some such thing. Yay plants!

This weekend a friend from AZ, L, is coming to town. We're going out to dinner with L, E&R and another couple. Last weekend at E's barbecue there was a toddler, and I really didn't feel too badly. I even played with little M, and wiped her hands when she got messy. When it was time for them to go, M wanted to hug me goodbye. I guess I made a little friend. I felt pretty good the whole time, and not too sad. Even when they were talking about how E was feeling (she's due in 6 weeks) I felt okay. Only a few twinges. I hope the same thing happens this weekend. I don't want to just be awkwardly silent during dinner. But L is getting married in the fall, and none of us have met her fiance, so hopefully that will be the center of the conversation.

Riley has arrived to yell at me. I am not stroking him, therefore I must be bad.

Saw the boss lady today, and she acted normally. I'm pleased about that. I have a meeting at the new job on Tuesday afternoon. Here we go!

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Mary Ellen and Steve said...

I hope that you have a great weekend this weekend. Hopefully there won't be too much pregnancy and baby talk. You are in my thoughts Hugs!