Monday, June 05, 2006

Two weeks

I think it's two weeks until I start my new job. I actually have a meeting there tomorrow afternoon, and then there's a research dinner that night where the docs will detail the research they're doing. I also get to meet the woman I will be working with. Here's hoping I like her, right?

Okay, I just have to interject. The Sox are playing the Yankees again, and this is the worst game ever. The Sox made a horrible play to start the game, where no one was covering home plate and the Yankee guy just sauntered home. Later, the umpires made the worst call ever, negating a double play that the Sox made. Now they're saying the ball hit the batter in fair territory, so it's a dead ball and the second out doesn't count, but it still really sucked. We should be out of the inning now. But we're not, and the Yankees are creaming us. Oh well. Shit happens.

Anyway. I guess I'm technically in my two week wait now. We'll see what happens. If I'm not pg this month, it's not the worst thing in the world because of the new job and everything. But we'll see. I'm skeptical. I don't think our timing was spot on this month. Maybe next month will be a better month for us anyway. Of course, because I'm so skeptical I'll probably end up being pregnant. I'll stop speculating on all of this stuff. Just let it be known: I have ovulated.

The dinner on Saturday was a lot of fun. There wasn't too much baby talk, and there was a bunch of wedding talk. I know that E tries to temper the baby talk when she's around us, and that makes me feel a little bummed. I want her to be able to be excited about it whether I'm there or not. I suppose I should be glad that she's sensitive, but either way I make myself feel bad. But it was still a nice time, and it was good to see L again. The next time I'll see her is for her wedding. And then I'll meet her fiance, B. I'm thinking of emailing him just to find out his deal.

Yesterday was my niece's 7 birthday party. I had a great time. They love me so much! My brother and sister-in-law re-did their kitchen and it looks absolutely great! We were a little jealous. We have to get a new oven, and that's going to have to do for now. The party bummed T out a bit. I'm not sure why hanging out with my nieces and nephew doesn't make me sad like hanging out with E does, but it doesn't. It does for T, though. I wish there were something I could do to make him feel better when he gets down, but there isn't. I tried, but I felt like I just made things worse. He's doing a little better now, but he was really sad for a while. I've finally made an appointment with a therapist for next week. It's first thing in the morning, which will be fine until I start my new job. Then I don't know if I'll be able to do it then because I'll be late for work. But as you can see, I pre-emptively worry about things, which is dumb, so I'm going to stop right now.

I'm starting to tell people at my job that I'm going to be leaving. I'm excited, but nervous. I got my offer letter in the mail, and there was this huge packet about the dress code with a chart that lists different types of clothing and has a check box saying whether it's appropriate or not. And the last page is a picture of many different kinds of shoes, the left half being examples of appropriate shoes and the right half being examples of inappropriate shoes. Needless to say, I was a little put off by this. I mean, I'm fine with the office being a little less casual than where I work, and I understand that some people need to be told very specifically what 'professional' kinds of dress are, whether it's suits or just business casual. But still, it had a few things in there that bugged me. One was about multiple earrings (which I have) and one was about long nails (which I don't). I mean, I don't like being told how I can wear my nails. It's one thing if I'm a clinical person and it could infect people, but I'm basically going to be in an office. I will see patients, but I will not treat them in any clinical way. It really made me want to not work there at all. But I've worked through it, and decided to not let it bug me too much. I mean, I don't dress like anything that was listed in the 'inappropriate' column. I feel like that is beside the point, and it's the principle of the thing, and I'm compromising myself a little. But I also get annoyed sometimes with how inappropriate dress can be, so it sort of matches my conservative dressing values. So whatever. I'm sucking it up. We'll see what happens.


Angie said...

A lot could happen for you in two weeks. Good luck!

Mary Ellen and Steve said...

The dress code thing would bother me too. And that game last night....painful. I am watching tonight's game now and I am on the edge of my seat. I hope that they can pull this one out. Talk to you soon. Hugs!