Sunday, June 18, 2006

Father's Day

I'm officially not pregnant. AF started this morning. At this point it's a good thing because I drank myself silly last night. I have discovered a wonderful recipe for an alcoholic raspberry lime rickey, and it's delicious. Had a tall one of them and a whole lot more. Mr. T's friend S, her husband G, and their roommate, C (who works for Mr. T) had a party. It was fun. We stayed out late and drank and talked and laughed and smiled. I enjoyed myself.

Why is it that S&G have a roommate, you ask? Well, the answer is twofold. One is practical. It's cheaper and they travel a lot so it's nice to have someone who can take care of the house when they're gone. C also has a girlfriend so he's often at her house. Now for the interesting reason.

S&G had a floor to themselves for really cheap in a great location in Cambridge. C moved in from out of town and took an extra room on a different floor. Then the landlord started hanging around. He was using C's soap (from the soap dish), and C asked him nicely if he wouldn't do that, and offered a fresh bar of soap to the landlord. Landlord freaked out an told him that he was going to have to move. That blew over, but landlord's behavior got worse. He started letting himself into locked rooms. He was walking around naked. He was snorting flour (as if it were c*caine) off the counters. He propositioned the married, pregnant downstairs neighbor. He stole the downstairs neighbor's dog. He left an envelope with S's name on it on the stairs. In it was 15 cents, a picture of an astronaut and a stamp. It was time to leave, but they were afraid to give any sort of notice due to the bizarre behaviors. (Apparently landlord went off his meds.)

So, G had to go to Europe for work for about a month. He couldn't help with any of this. S&C went looking and found a very nice apartment and rented it, but it wouldn't be available for another week. It was decided they could store most of their stuff in our garage. They got all of their friends together. They packed up in the middle of the night, and together we moved all of their stuff into our garage. It took just under 2 hours. They stayed with friends for a bit, and then they moved into the new apartment.

Last night was their housewarming party. Yay new house!

Today we're going to my parents' house for Father's Day. My brothers are going to play golf. It's 90 and humid here in the metro-Boston area. Ugh.

I'm off to sew the zipper into the sweater I made for E&R's baby. I tried sewing it in before, but the zipper I bought was too small, so I had to go back to the fabric store and get a new one. This one better work.

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Mary Ellen and Steve said...

It sounds like you are having a great weekend! I am sorry that the pregnancy thing didn't work out this month. As you said, it is probably just as well because of the new job. Hugs to you!