Thursday, June 08, 2006


I decided to add some color.

T's out with a friend, our best man from the wedding. She's actually a woman, and I learned earlier this year that the proper term for a female best man is the groom's honor attendant or something. Anyway, he's not home and here I am. I was totally lonely at work today, which is one of the reasons why I wanted to leave this job, and now I'm lonely at home. I'm the type of person that like others around pretty much all the time. I guess it was not meant to be that way today.

While I was riding the train on the way home tonight, I had this moment of freak out. Some health insurances won't cover you if you're already pregnant when you begin their plan. Because I live in Massachusetts (thank god) I think there is a 'pre-existing condition' law that says that insurers must cover any pre-existing condition, including pregnancy, I should be fine even if I were to be pg (which I still think I'm not). But I freaked out about it, none-the-less. In fact, I think it was E who pointed out that law to me when I freaked out about it before. I told you I'm an over worrier.

The weather is crappy and cold, and it makes me not have very much energy. I should be emptying the dishwasher and folding some laundry, but I'm not. I'm here typing. I suppose typing like this is sort of like talking. I mean, at least I'm communicating in some way, right? I hope it gets nice at some point this weekend. I really need to work in the garden. There are weeds everywhere, but the weather has been so crappy lately that there's been no way I could be out there. Not while enjoying it, anyway. I also need to go shopping for some more work clothes. I have to improve my wardrobe a bit for my new job. I hate shopping, and it doesn't help that I really need to lose 10 pounds. I'm kind of dreading going. I guess I'll just buy a little bit, and then see what happens. Right now I have to walk about 10-15 minutes from the subway to get to my job. With the new one, I won't be walking that much. I need to start exercising, but I just don't see where I can fit it into my schedule. I mean, we don't get home until around 6, and then I cook dinner and we eat, and then we clean up. T's good about helping with the dishes and whatnot. But I'm so hungry when I get home, I wouldn't want to delay dinner even more. I'm going to have to try to do some walking during lunch or something. I don't know what I'm going to do. I don't mind doing work, but I hate to have no time to myself because I'm alway there. (Or on my way there. Or on my way back.) The work week is way too long. Maybe someday I can work part time and work from home sometimes. Sounds nifty.

Thanks for keeping me company while my husband is out. I appreciate it. I'm going to force myself to do some of those chores. Have a good night! (Or day, I suppose.)


Mary Ellen and Steve said...

Love the green. Try not to worry too much about the insurance stuff right now. You have so much on your plate. Talk to you soon. Hugs!

Hoping said...

the weather is bad when it is rainy and yucky and ditto about the work week. Although mine is not as bad as yours I hear ya sister. hope you have a better weekend.