Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Additional Explanations

I turned in the paperwork to get some of the money for my biostats reimbursed. They include it in my paycheck. I have to make sure I get a paycheck that long so that I can be reimbursed. It shouldn't be a problem because I get paid for the previous weeks' work, and I also have more than a week's vacation time too. So we'll be getting some cash in the next few weeks. Woo hoo!

I also had a bit of a discussion with my soon to be ex-boss. She has totally come around and is being really great about my leaving now. She really appreciates that I'm trying to accomodate her inability to get someone to take over one of my studies right away, but she also agreed that the deadline I set for her (August). She was really supportive today, and even said to me that she thought the new job sounded like a step up, which it is. So I am very pleased about how it went, and I'm no longer worried about how the transition is going to go. I was up at about 4:00 am worrying about something. I think I was worried that she would never let me go or find anybody else to hire. They don't need someone right away, and she's the type to let things drag out forever. She didn't complete my review until like 4-5 months after it was due. Anyway, I felt like she finally understood that the 2+ years was plenty, and she was pleased that I was continuing in research. So I can relax about all of that stuff now.

No pg symptoms, though my tummy felt gross today. It's early. And, as I said, I'm not convinced our timing was right this month. But I'm checking anyway.

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