Sunday, June 25, 2006

Trying to calm down

As I said, things have been non-stop lately. Friday night while Mr. T was away, my friends S&R came over and we grilled dinner. It was nice to have them in the kitchen watching the baseball game and just generally being informal.

Mr. T made it safely to and back from SF, CA in less than 48 hours. It was hellish for him. I picked him up at the airport at 10 am, he came back and napped for two hours and we went of to my sister-in-law's 40th birthday party. He was so tired that he was making up songs in the car. It was fun. There was a cookout and we had clams and lobster and clam chowder. Yum! I played croquet with my neices and nephew and frisbee with just my nephew. There were tons of kids there, but I managed to not feel that bad. There was one 17-month-old who was just so cute, and even Mr. T was able to smile at his bouncy cuteness. Neither of us felt too bad, which was great. There was only one awkward moment when a friend of my brother (the mother of the 17-month-old) who had borrowed my neice's crib offered to give it to us. I tried to blow off the question, but it came up again. I just nodded briefly and moved on. It didn't come up again, and I still managed to not get sad, so I'm pleased.

After Mr. T slept 12 hours and I slept 10, we had brunch with E&R. She has only about 2 weeks to go. She's looking really huge. She's a very skinny woman, and I thought I could even see it in her face. Her ankles and feet are swelling, and it's been really humid which probably makes it even worse. But I didn't feel sad seeing her today, either. And even thinking about the baby isn't bumming me out much right now. That's a good thing. I'm not sure what's different right now, but I shouldn't question it. I finished the little sweater I knitted for the baby. I have to sew my personal tag in there so it will be ready. I have a sweater and a blanket with a matching hat for the baby. All made by me! I'm feeling good that I'm feeling okay these days.

Tomorrow we are meeting with our therapist again. Mr. T went by himself last week. He told me he talked about some heavy family stuff, some of which I know about and some of which I don't. I would have liked to have been there for him, but my weird-ass job got in the way. I let my boss know I was going to be a little late on Mondays, and that I would arrive around 9:30 or so. She wanted to know how I would make up the time. I'm a salaried worker, and I came to about 5 hours of meetings that I was not compensated for before I even started. I felt totally nickled and dimed by that. It's that kind of stuff that scares me about the micro-managing thing. But so much shit is going to go down in the next week that I'm just going to have to hold off talking about it until later. I hope I didn't make the wrong decision.

My garden is looking lovely these days. I have four clematis blossoms, my yarrow is blooming and my morning glories are climbing the trellis. And the strawberries are going bonkers. I finally have some old pictures of my potted stuff that I'll post.

This is the yarrow. It's now about a foot taller and has tiny purplish flowers with white centers.

Here is the strawberry. It's at least double the size now.

These are my morning glories when they just sprouted. As I said, they're really going and are almost halfway up the trellis now.

These are my spices, which don't look like this anymore, either. The cilantro on the left is now coriander with white blossoms. It's so huge that it's falling over. The basil there is sad from all of the rain. It's come back, and I bought another plant so that it makes up for the stuff that died in the rain. In the front is the Greek oregano, which is growing up big as well. We put some oregano and basil on the pizza Mr. T and I made for dinner tonight.

That's it for now. I hope you had a nice weekend.

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Mary Ellen and Steve said...

I am glad that your SIL's party wasn't too painful and that you are liking your therapist. Hugs.