Friday, August 03, 2007


Today T took the day off of work and we spent the day together. We went out for a wonderful breakfast and then did a bunch of errands. Then we sat in the air conditioning and watched a movie. I knitted. Oh! The other day I made baby S the cutest little hat! Here is a picture of it.

Forgive the cashew bin and our messy bed. :) We are going to see E&R and baby S on Sunday. I will give it to them then. Is it weird to give someone a winter hat in August when it's like 95 degrees out?

The meeting with the midwife went pretty well. If we don't get insurance coverage, we will go there. And even if we do get coverage, if it works maybe we'll go there for care and monitoring and stuff. I'm really not terribly fond of my former OB. When she told me the news of T's translocation, she just kind of brushed it off and said IVF with PGD should work and she thought she'd see me again in a couple of months. Ha! That was in April 2006.

Anyway, days keep passing, and every day is closer to the dIUI. I called the RE and the insurance company, but still no word. I still haven't ordered the sperm yet, but I was told by someone at the bank to not order it until I'm just about ready to use it, which will probably be Tuesday or Wednesday. The ordering, that is. The using will be somewhere between Thursday and Monday, I think. I guess it's good that the plan is to do it on one of my days off. Though weekends are slightly more complicated, especially at the midwife's. But whatever it is, it is.

Oh, and I have a job interview! On Tuesday! Yay me!


Nearlydawn said...

Everything is sounding pretty darned positive in your camp these days!

I am so happy that you guys have a good plan and are looking forward to it! I'm betting it feels nice after all the recent hand-wringing.

Anonymous said...

What a cute hat!

Samantha said...

I'm so glad things are going ahead in all aspects of your life. Good luck with the interview!

Sarah said...

LOVE the hat! good luck with the interview, and of course the diui.

Natalie said...

That is a supercute hat!!

I'm glad things are moving ahead for you. I'm sending you a ton of luck for your dIUI!