Wednesday, August 08, 2007

This is about cm, so if you don't want to know, don't read it

Has my fertile time gone? Today is CD 11. I have yet to see any cm. I went over my older charts and it's not the first time I haven't had cm by CD 11, but I should be seeing some. I need to order the sperm, and I want to order it when I know I'll use it within a week. But the only way I'll know that is if I see some cm and I know the LH surge will be coming. I haven't peed on an OPK yet, but I will tomorrow morning, even though I still have no cm. I was planning on doing it at my first hint of cm, but I cannot wait any longer.

I'm sort of worried that 6 months of being on crazy amounts of hormones has forever altered my cycle. I'm also worried that the stress of worrying about my fertile time is going to delay ovulation. Which stresses me out. Anyone else see a pattern here?

Yes, I'm over worried. But I want to see some damn cm so I can get this damn dIUI out of the way.

I'm going to order the sperm right now.

Ah, baby making. Isn't it romantic?


Trace said...

Nope, the fertility clinic sucks, but sex is fun!

Ok, naive Trace who is just starting out wants to know what CM is?

It is sort of exciting (in a weird way) that you're taking the plunge and ordering the "guys".

ultimatejourney said...

Romance? I'd quite forgotten that was supposed to be a part of all this :)

I bet you'll see some nice CM any day now.

ultimatejourney said...

P.S. I'm curious about how the job interview went, if you want to share.

Natalie said...

Romance???? hahahahaha. Yeah, IF kills that one.

Sorry you're so stresed over it, but I would be too! Argh, timing!

Anonymous said...

I am curious, how do they deliver sperm? Fedex?

LIW (Lady In Waiting) said...

That's VERY stressful. I would be feeling the same way. hopefully, the OPK will give you some insight.