Monday, August 27, 2007

New week

It's a new week, and I'm feeling slightly better. The family get-together wasn't horrible. It was up in Maine, and T and I decided to take the long way home and make a little road trip of it. It was certainly better than sitting at home feeling sad. There was an occasional job question that I had to avoid a little bit, but other than that, things went fine.

Sunday we took care of my two nieces for a bit. When I was a teacher and teaching 6th grade, I remember wondering what my nieces and nephew were going to be like when they were in 6th grade. Well, two of them are entering 5th grade now, so I'm seeing what they're like. It's funny when the "I wonder what" things come to fruition and are there right before you.

I met with my fourth temp agency today. I should be able to find some work between the four of them. My last day at work should be on Wednesday. I'm still relieved that I'm not there anymore. This was a good decision.

I have a phone call with my RE on Wednesday. Wednesday will be CD 5, so it may be too late for the Cl0mid. I forget which day most people take it on, but it's definitely early on. So, I guess I'm planning on another unmedicated cycle, and then if this one doesn't work I will definitely be using it next time. I will find out more details on this on Wednesday.


My Reality said...

I am pretty sure I took clomid from days 5-9. I know you can start on day 5, so maybe you will still be able to start taking it.

ultimatejourney said...

I think taking Clo.mid from CD3-7 is the most common, but a lot of people take it days 5-9. It's definitely worth asking about.

Ms. Infertile said...

My RE prescribes it on days 5-9 so I'd ask about it.

Mary Ellen said...

I am glad that you are feeling better. Thanks for being there yesterday!

JKH said...

I take Clomid days 5-9 so starting it on day 5 is acceptable. Hoping you're able to take it!!