Sunday, October 07, 2007


We did the IUI this morning. I tried to take it easy today, though I made spicy wings and apple crisp, plus did a little laundry. We watched a lot of sports today. Between baseball playoffs and football, the day was full. I think I felt ovulation pain around 2:20 this afternoon. The IUI was at about 9:30. That should be good timing, if that's what it was.

T wants me to blog about my good deed for the day. As we were waiting for the IUI, we saw two families with kids go straight to the family waiting room. We were pleased as we had previously complained about the number of children in the regular waiting room. A third family came in with two young girls and sat in the main waiting room. T saw a woman move away from them. I got pissed and complained to the woman at the front desk, asking of she would direct them to the family room. She told me that they all had been told to go to the family waiting room and looked annoyed to see the family there. I went back to sit down, and after a few minutes we noticed that the woman at the front desk had asked them to go to the family waiting room. Of course, at that time the mom came out from her blood draw or wherever she went, and they proceeded to leave. But I felt good about talking to the woman at the front desk. There was marked improvement since the last time we were there.

I forget if I mentioned how a three year old fell on top of my while we were waiting for our last IUI. Even if I did, I think it's worth mentioning again. One day, while waiting for a donor IUI at an infertility clinic, a toddler was climbing the furniture and fell on top of me. Do people not think?

Anyway, I've been trying to laugh and smile today. I'm trying to be relaxed and visualize positive things. I am convinced that the timing of this IUI could not have been better. I am trying to believe that it could work. I will not go eat my delicious apple crisp with some vanilla ice cream and hope that the Yankees lose.


Knock Me Up said...

Good for you. I can't believe how clueless people can be.

Kudos on the timing. Sounds like you got it just right.

Here's hoping!!

Artblog said...


Sara said...

I'm so glad that you stood up for yourself! It's great that your clinic has a family waiting room. How utterly selfish of those people not to use it. Hopefully next time they'll be a little more sensitive.

Good luck with the IUI!

Samantha said...

I'm glad the procedure went well!

Well, the Yankees didn't lose. Darn! At least the Sox won.

Somewhat Ordinary said...

Wishing you all the best this time around!!

anita said...

Our clinic did not have a family waiting room and during one of our countless visits I had endured a toddler sitting in her mothers lap tearing up every single magazine within her reach while the mother did nothing to stop her.

Good to hear the procedure went well.

ultimatejourney said...

I've gotten really into football in the last couple years. I suspect Tom Brady hasn't hurt that cause :) And understanding the rules more and more helps a lot too.

I'm glad things are looking more promising this cycle.

My Reality said...

It sounds like the timing was absolutely perfect!

I hope that this is the one, Rachel.