Monday, October 22, 2007

dIUI #4

I will be doing a monitored Cl0mid cycle for dIUI #4. My first monitoring will be on Halloween, which also happens to be my brother's birthday. I got approved by insurance. I should have a trigger shot and everything.

This may be our last cycle before our insurance runs out.

Since it is our last vial from this donor, we may decide to choose a new donor before proceeding. Though, we may not. We may decide to try on our own if this fourth IUI doesn't work. We may not. We may decide to just do a few more IUIs with the reduced insurance coverage. I'm not sure if monitoring is part of the new plan. But, we may not.

I feel the future is very uncertain right now. But this 4th dIUI will be monitored and maybe that will just help with the timing a little bit.


Samantha said...

Good luck! There's a lot of uncertainty to deal with.

Trace said...

I'm so sorry that everything is up in the air right now. Big decisions on your end. Good luck w/everything.

mary ellen said...

Good luck Rachel!

Jen said...

Good luck with everything!

Sarah said...

i'm really glad you're doing the monitoring. i hope it makes all the difference. even just the mental load off of worrying about the timing is worth it.