Sunday, September 30, 2007

Keeping On

Tonight I will take my 3rd dose of Cl0mid for this cycle. Tomorrow morning I will go to work. Tomorrow afternoon I will have in interview for a job that I don't think I want. But I will go and try and be perky anyway. Maybe I'll want it after the interview.

I went clothes shopping yesterday. Ugh. I'm a terrible shopper, but I've been watching "What Not to Wear" so I think I know have a better idea of what kinds of clothes I need and how to look for them. I tried on so many things that I never would have tried on even two months ago. The problem? Nothing fits. These 20-25 lbs I've gained have really hit hard. After 3 hours of shopping I got one skirt, one pair of pants, and one shirt. That's it. I need more.

But none of the shirts fit. When I try on a regular XL shirt, it's usually too small. Then, when I go to the 'Women's' section for plus sizes and try on the smallest size, I absolutely SWIM in the shirts. They are way too huge on me. I don't get it! WTF?? How am I supposed to find a shirt that fits?

I spent some time with a fellow balanced translocation friend yesterday. We had brunch. It was lovely. I was supposed to hang out with E, but she caught a stomach flu, so that didn't happen. T and I went out on a date for dinner and a movie which was nice. We saw Eastern Promises which was good, but was very dark and had at least 2 violent episodes where I had my eyes closed the whole time. Oh, and there was an orphaned infant. The last time we went to see a movie to kind of get lost in another story we saw Pan's Labyrinth, which also contained a pregnant woman who died during childbirth and the baby theme existed, albeit tangentially, throughout the movie. Tangential baby themes seem pervasive in the movies we choose. Not really a good thing. Sometimes I think we shouldn't bother and just stay home and watch TiV0.

No hot flashes yet, though my bbt was up higher this morning. This happened on the Cl0mid last time.

We just keep on keeping on.


LIW (Lady In Waiting) said...

The temp job sounds actually perfect for you right now. As you and I both know, sometimes being out of the house is incredibly helpful to keep the darkest clouds at bay. Good luck with the interview. Maybe one of the jobs will actually appeal to you.

BTW, Blue Ginger is one of my very favorite restaurants. The food is divine.

I am here if you need me. I think of you often and send you loving thoughts!

Anonymous said...

I totally get the clothes issue. An xl is too tight, especially across the boobs, but the 1x is too big.

I hope that the job interview goes well and it could be something you really want to do.

Delenn said...

I totally get the movie thing. After IVF #1 was a bust, we decided to try for a lighter movie (we had seen Pan's Lab. during the cycle itself). So, we saw "Knocked Up." Oh great, a woman who "accidentedly" gets pregnant on a one night stand. We pick 'em!

Hope the job interview at least gives you confidence.

Keeping you in my thoughts...

Fertilize Me said...

good luck at the interview tomorrow regardless of if you want it or not

JJ said...

Best of luck on the interview--and keep on keepin' on!

ultimatejourney said...

Good luck with everything this week.

BTW, at least online, Gap and Old Navy carry size XXL (and the corresponding pant sizes) in the regular women's department. It might be worth checking to see if the stores carry those sizes too so you could try them out. (Or maybe you don't mind ordering online; I just know I prefer to be able to try things on before buying them.)

singletracey said...

Just thinking about ya! Hope the interview goes well.. even if it is just practice and you decided you don't want the job!