Saturday, September 01, 2007

Hot Flashes

I'm on 100mg of Cl0mid and I have had 2 hot flashes. They are strange. But, maybe that means the Cl0mid is working? One can only hope.

T and I have decided to take a one day road trip to western Massachusetts today. We will visit a favorite bookshop of T's and a huge knitting and yarn store for me. We need to get away, and though a long vacation isn't in the cards right now, we think this one day thing will be good for us. I'm looking forward to it. We usually have fun on road trips. And maybe I can get some cool yarn. I need to find a project to buy for!

It looks like I have a temp job for the month of September. This is a good thing. It's full time, which may be a little weird for me, but it's income and that is good. It will also keep me busy during all of the waiting that will be coming up. Hopefully the job will be a busy one. I will have to take some time off next (this?) week for all the IUI preparation.

I am going to pick the sperm up on Wednesday, unless I have my LH surge on Tuesday in which case I will pick it up on Tuesday. I'm starting OPKs on Tuesday. My guess is the IUI will be on Friday, but we just never know about that one, do we?

I've read that Cl0mid messes with cm and with bbt, so I'm a little more nervous about detecting my fertile time, but hopefully those OPKs will pull through and we can have some good timing.

Here we come, western MA!


Trace said...

It sounds like you have a great day coming up!! Ooohh, knitting, I tried to learn how and it it really hard (atleast for me ;-) so I'm totally impressed.

Good luck w/the Clomid. I gather it is unchartered territory for you (me to).

noswimmers said...

Good luck--waiting for that magical ovulation date is not fun! I hope you're able to take your mind off of things during your trip. Have fun!! :)

Anonymous said...

I had awful hot flashes on Clomid. I hope they go away soon.

Enjoy your day!

Knock Me Up said...

I too had hot flashes on clomid AND they seemed to last for a week or so after I stopped taking the pills. Could be that I was still on re.pronex and gonal.f but I'd never had hotflashes while on injectibles before. They are not pleasant and they always got me in the middle of the night. Yuk!

Have a great day trip. My SB and I do that sometimes just to get out of NYC and it really does revive us a bit.

Good luck with the new temp job. I too hope it is busy and you are able to focus on something else for periods of time.

Samantha said...

Clo.mid always gave me hot flashes too. Enjoy your trip!

Reproductive Jeans said...

Have a great trip-day trips are great--non stressful and just enough time to feel renewed!
Sending you so many positive thoughts for this upcoming cycle!