Wednesday, September 10, 2008


I feel crazed. I'm not even sure a lot of stuff is going on, but I feel like it is.

Our cats had dental work done yesterday and we have to give them medication and feed them wet food, which they refuse to eat. I tried soaking the dry food, and only one of them will eat that. This, though minor, is feeling kind of big.

I finally called the pediatricians. I didn't get through to one, and the secretary of the other one said he would call me tonight after 5pm, but it's 6pm now and no call so far. And I didn't drive my carpoolee home because I didn't want to talk to a pediatrician about the questions I had with her in the car, but now that is for naught so I kind of feel bad.

I have therapy tomorrow morning and am working 10-6. I'll call the doctor who was supposed to call tonight in the morning to see what happened. I think I may try to call the other pediatrician too, while I'm at it.

I had a conversation with the woman who deals with birth parents from our adoption agency today about my dear BM letter. It's good and only need a very small amount of tweaking. I tried to send them our photo booklet via the web but they couldn't handle the technicality of it and they couldn't see it so I had to mail them a CD. I'm very concerned that they won't be able to see the file on the CD either.

The person who is the hiring manager for the job I interviewed for might be quitting.

T is having some crazy shit going on at work with people leaving or thinking about leaving and other chaotic stuff that just make life incredibly difficult.

Did I leave anything out?


Samantha said...

Hope you hear from the pediatrician soon - you're making great progress with you adoption portfolio!

Natalie said...

Cats: What brand of canned food, and what flavor? Some brands (Iams, Felidae) are notorious for cats not touching. Also, some cats are very picky about flavors. Try Fancy Feast... it's not the most nutritious stuff out there, but most cats at the sanctuary seem to love it. Try some pate, some chunks in gravy... multiple flavors of each (chicken, seafood, beef, etc).... somewhere in there you should find something they'll eat.

I hope you can chat with the peditrician soon.... it can be a bit weird, in my experience, talking to a doctor before you have a baby to deal with. But it's good to get out of the way.... and to find someone you trust.