Thursday, March 06, 2008

Meme and more

I've been tagged by Almamay.

Step 1. Reference back to the blog that sent you.
Step 2. Make a list of 5 things that you have to get done this week, no matter how small.
Step 3. Get 2 other people off their asses to get their shit in order.

1. Finish our taxes. We've started, but they have to be done.
2. Get some thread so that I can finish the curtains that I've started. I'm nearly done.
3. Call my mom. It's her 70th birthday on Saturday.
4. Set up a pickup for the clothes we have to give away. We still have some leftovers to donate to charity after the big clean.

I know I'm supposed to tag people, but I really don't know who's done this meme or not, and I don't even really know who reads this blog or not. So, if you want to be tagged, you're tagged. Oh, and I want to tag my husband, even though he doesn't have a blog. :)
Got a message from my RE's office today. My insurance company wants a semen analysis from T. Now, a semen analysis doesn't mean shit for us. T's semen analysis is normal. He doesn't have male factor infertility. In fact, his numbers are pretty strong. After all, he knocked me up three times in 13 months. This isn't the issue. The issue is his DNA. A semen analysis will guarantee no coverage for us. After 5 unsuccessful dIUIs, 4 miscarriages and 3 failed IVFs with T's sperm, you think they'd have enough evidence that we need a little help. But no, that would be too logical. So now my RE needs to write a letter to the insurance company to explain all of this. This is especially frustrating because it's the same damn insurance company that PAID for ALL of that treatment! Feh. Nothing is easy.

Yes, the insurance company should know about the BT already. I cannot explain the stupidity of that bureaucracy.

Also, I forgot to mention cleaning the bathroom. I really, really need to clean the bathroom.


christina(apronstrings) said...

insurance companies are awful. i used to spend so much time arguing with them. they just try to make it harder so that you won;t keep claiming benefits. bastards!!!

in regards to a previous post...dh and i decided to aggressively (and borderline finacially irreseponsible) which meant pursuing a donor cycle and adoption. and we did. we paid for a homestudy and application fee for adoption and ended up with a $10k bill for fertility treatments. none of that got us p_________ and i don't regret a penny of it. we---like you guys--needed to be parents ASAP.
just my a$$vice. ; )

christina(apronstrings) said...

sorry for all of the typos...i am so tired. i meant too say we decided to aggressively pursue parenthood.

Almamay said...

Hi Rachel,
Thanks for playing the game. I never know who to pick and last time I didn't pick anybody either.

My blog isn't password protected. I'll just double check my settings again just in case.

Sorry to hear about the dumbos at the insurance co. I'm sure it is a bean counter who knows nothing about IF that's asking for the test. Glad your Dr is going to sort it out for you.

Keep well.

beagle said...

Taxes and health insurance . . . two things that give me an instant headache!

Good Luck on both!

My Reality said...

I hope the insurance company gives you a break. Shouldn't they have the info about the BT already?