Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Work and things

So, things are going okay. Thank you so much for letting me know I'm not alone. I know I am not, but it's amazing how comments like that can send me spiraling downward. You are right that the HR woman should not have said what she did. But I guess I will chalk it up to ignorance and try to move on.

Work is generally good. It's good to be busy and I'm learning things and everybody seems to be very nice. Of course someone in my training class's wife is pregnant and someone else has a 1 1/2 year old and the person sitting diagonally from me has pictures of his baby son on the walls and there is a bunch of baby talk, but I am mostly taking it in stride. And I like having somewhere to go. I don't like commuting, even though the drive I have could be way, way worse. I just hate it. But it's only about 30 minutes, so I know I shouldn't complain.

I've decided to do exercise, so I'm waking up about 30 min early and either using our elliptical or doing a yoga DVD. I've only done it for two days, but so far so good. I'm planning on alternating. Today was elliptical so tomorrow is yoga. I hope I can keep it up and maybe I'll be slightly less depressed and will lose a little weight.

We're going to another adoption seminar in the beginning of April. I feel like I need to keep going to these things because when I stop I start getting down about it. It is through ACONE and looks like it will be really informative. We are able to choose which programs we want to go to, and there's even one separate for men and women, which I think is great. I so want T to be able to talk with a bunch of other men about all of this.

I'm managing to keep the house in pretty good shape after the big clean up. That feels pretty good. I made some new curtains. I'm only partially done, but this is what it looks like so far. I'm pretty pleased with them. I feel like they've really changed the way the kitchen looks. I'm going to make a curtain for the top, too. And we have a door with a window and I'm working on a curtain for that too -- with another fabric on the other side so it looks good from the outside. I don't love sewing like I love knitting, but I do feel accomplished when I'm done. I was hoping to make the curtains a little longer, but this is how they came out, so it is what it is. I still think it looks good.

I am waiting on insurance approval for our upcoming cycle, so I don't have any news in that area. T and I still haven't decided whether to try to utilize that adoption benefit. I'm of the mind to not use it since if I do get pregnant on one of these cycles, I won't want to do the home study right then. If we put money in and don't use it, we'll lose it, so the less risky thing to do is to not put money in. Using the money post tax is less loss than losing the entire home study amount we put in there.

I always feel like I should make some sort of closing statement in these posts, but I don't really have one, so I'm going to just stop writing. I need to go make dinner anyway.


My Reality said...

Your curtains look great! I can't sew. And curtains made with a glue gun wouldn't look so pretty.

niobe said...

That fabric is gorgeous.

Samantha said...

Nice curtains!

I can understand why you are reluctant to use that adoption benefit. Nice in theory, but so hard to plan in practice. These "use it or lose it" schemes drive me crazy, I don't like the one for medical treatments either. You have to be psychic to know how to plan.