Tuesday, October 28, 2008


I'm sick today.

I was feeling crappy yesterday. I almost went home early, but I felt a little better in the afternoon. But I didn't feel up to pretending to not feel like crap today, so here I am. I took a couple of naps and now I am warming up some soup.

Yesterday I got to go to a meeting in my new department. It was awesome! It's full of people like me who care whether or not there is a hyphen in drop-down and whether or not website is one word or two. I can't believe it's going to be so long until I can start! But I felt comfortable there and I was chomping at the bit to start working there. But I have to be patient.

There's nothing much else going on. Next week we have the 'expanding our search' meeting and we will soon be hooking up with that facilitator I've been talking to (unless something new and unexpected comes up.)

Soup's ready.


Heather.PNR said...

Hope you feel better soon!

beagle said...

feel better soon!
the new jovb sounds great!

My Reality said...

I hope you are feeling better soon.

sacredandscarred said...

Oh no, feel better soon.