Thursday, October 02, 2008


I'm still here. Things are okay. Thank you for all of your kind words. It definitely lifted my spirits.

Incidentally I immediately applied for another job and had another interview today. This one went better than the other one, so it's time for me to wait again. I'll be less devastated if I don't get this one as I'm already prepared for what that feels like. But I'm feeling reasonably good about it. I dunno.

Rosh Hashanah was okay. I went to temple with my parents and my brother. There were all these discussions about the barren women in the bible. Sarah was barren until god gave her Isaac. And the Haftorah talks about Hannah and how she weeps and won't eat because she is barren. It made me sad. And there were some babies there, too. Dinner was good. My chicken soup with matzoh balls came out super yummy.

I'm glad tomorrow is Friday. We don't have much in the way of plans. We're going to watch the debate and stay up late tomorrow watching the Red Sox. Have a good weekend!


Almamay said...


Glad to hear you are bouncing back. I think interviews go better if you don't spend too much time thinking about them. I find I'm more natural.

Did I ever tell you I had a great grand uncle that played for the Red Sox? Enjoy the game.

Sue said...

More interviews = more interview experience. I know the perfect fit is out there, whether it's this job or another. Good for you for not giving up, and have a great weekend!

niobe said...

You have a good weekend too!

bri said...

Just came across your blog as someone who has a balanced translocation. Good luck to you.

Kristine said...

Good luck in your journey to adopt!