Sunday, July 13, 2008

The wedding

The wedding wasn't bad. The bride's brother officiated (in MA you can appoint a wedding officiator for a day and it can be anybody) and the ceremony was nice and short. It was outside. T and I managed to grab some shade, but for the poor people who couldn't sit in the shade it was mighty warm, especially for those who were wearing suits. We ended up sitting in back of a former co-worker of T's and his wife and their two-month old infant. At first I thought, "Oh shit." but it turned out to not bother us too much. I found that to be impressive. The one thing I didn't like during the ceremony is that the couple passed a small bag with their wedding rings around to all of the guests to "bless" the rings and their marriage. While a nice idea, it took FOREVER and there was no music or anything to pass the time. T had to hush me as I furrowed my brow and complained.

The Merlot at the wedding was divine and I ended up drinking a lot of it. We sat at a table with the couple with the two-month old, another couple who have a nearly 9-month old (who stayed at home) and another couple where the wife was 29 weeks pregnant. That was harder, I have to say. T worked with (or used to work with) all of the men at the table, so often times no baby talk came up, but there were a few moments where I almost lost it because it was baby talk and baby talk only at the table. Strollers and onsies and pregnancy and this and that. I got up to get myself another glass of wine during one of the discussions. I was on the verge of tears for about 5 minutes during dinner because of these conversations, but I got through it. What bums me out most is that the pregnant couple got married about a year after us. And all the people at the table were at least a few years younger than us. It just freaking sucks. None of them has any idea.

But happily that conversation dropped off and I had even more wine and then the dancing happened. T doesn't dance, but I was able to dance with random people from T's work or their girlfriends, and that was a whole lot of fun. T works with both the bride and groom and both of their parents were so happy to meet T and thanked him several times for creating such a great place to work and for treating their children so well. That was really nice for T to feel so appreciated.

So except for a few bumps, the wedding wasn't too bad. The food was good, the wine was excellent and generally a good time was had by all.


Almamay said...

OMG!!! You deserve the biggest and shiniest medal EVER for being so good at the wedding. I couldn't have done it with the class you showed. Well done!

Samantha said...

I'm glad you had a good time at the wedding! I'm sure the Merlot helped. My husband also will not dance, which I've always thought a shame. Occasionally I get a chance to dance with other people, but most of the time, I end up not dancing either.

Trace said...

Yup. I've clutched my glass (plural) of wine to get through evenings like that. Glad you were able to get through it.

GP said...

I am glad taht all in all the wedding was good. sorry about the company you had to keep though i knw that must have been hard.. Proud to hear that you held it togehter.. AFM i would have been belly up to the bar to avoid just such conversations...So Kudos to you on that! speaking of glad that you enjoyed the wine! :)