Saturday, May 31, 2008

We didn't

We didn't have the baby making sex a second time. I still have no idea when I ovulated. I'll start the progesterone tonight as I must have ovulated by now. My b00bs have definitely been sore for the past several days.

Alas, this is the way of things.

Going to a bbq today even though it's supposed to rain. My parents are coming over tomorrow with a 'surprise' that is supposed to make the two of us 'very excited.' I have no idea.


Almamay said...

I hope your parent's surprise is a good one.

Samantha said...

I'm not into the timed sex thing either, but I hope your timing will still work for you.

Plus I hope you've enjoyed the "surprise."

The Town Criers said...

Hope it's a good surprise tomorrow. Now I'll be checking back all day to see what it is!

niobe said...'s kinda hard to imagine a surprise that would make you (or at least me) "very excited." At least not one that my parents would be likely to bring. But perhaps I lack imagination.

Let us know.

Feline said...

Surprizes make me so nervous. I hope it's a good one!