Wednesday, May 28, 2008


Because I'm so anti-cycle these days, I'm not doing very good in terms of tracking my ovulation. I do check my cm, but that's about it. Yesterday was peak fertile cm, I think. Today is cd 13. I normally ovulate on cd 13 or 14, though I have ovulated later. Hubby and I managed to get it on yesterday, so I know the timing isn't too bad. I haven't seen any fertile cm today. But I'm not temping. Have I ovulated yet?

Why do I need to know whether I've ovulated? Not for counting purposes, no. Because I have fucking low progesterone and I need to take progesterone supplements. And if I take progesterone before ovulating, I probably won't ovulate. Sigh.

I wish I could ignore all of this crap.

So, I guess I can start the supplements tomorrow? I was thinking of starting tonight, but I'm worried. Is tomorrow okay? Help?

I'm not taking one tonight, just in case. I'll decide about tomorrow later. Gotta go pee and check for cm.

Sigh. I'm never away from cycling. Never.


DrSpouse said...

Do your boobs ever hurt after ovulation? That's my sure sign.

The Town Criers said...

Maybe wait one extra day just to be safe? Because I know some docs don't start progesterone until 2 dpo or even 3 dpo.

Samantha said...

FYI, when I asked my clinic about taking progesterone, they have provided a range: 1 dpo to 3 dpo and said it really didn't matter. So I'd just wait the extra time and don't worry too much.