Thursday, May 29, 2008

Fertile time

Well, I had more fertile cm today, so now we have to see if T and I can manage to get down to business again. Ah, to remember a time when it didn't seem so daunting to do these things. The other night was great, but today we are tired and T had a headache all day and I went out with some former co-workers and we both went to bed too late last night and on and on. I'll be shocked if we can make it. But there is the egg white staring at me, taunting.

Damn this process.

Just damn it.


My Reality said...

I hate that sex has become a chore.

Susan said...

I feel obligated when I'm ovulating too. I miss the spontaneity of it. Now it's so planned. I crossing my fingers and toes for you!!!