Friday, November 09, 2007

Getting dark early

It's just after 4 and it's really starting to get dark. Winter is on its way.

It's one week since the dIUI. B00bs are the same. Slightly sore, but nothing notable. Not much going on in the uterine area. I do feel tender, sometimes, when I sit, but that is most likely leftover swelling from the Cl0mid. I am still hoping to hold out on the pee stick until Tuesday. I'm not very hopeful. But there's a tiny part of me that is. I hate waiting.

I haven't done much in the searching for what we're going to do if this cycle fails. We really need to go over donors to pick a new one, but we haven't even looked again at the finalists from last time around. I did read some adoption brochures. They made me cry.

Embryo donation is more expensive than I anticipated. It looks like it's close to $3000 just to get the embryos. Then we'd have to pay for meds and for the transfer. So, I'm guessing that the final total will be in the neighborhood of $7000 - $10,000. I'm not sure it's that much less expensive than IVF with my own eggs, so... I don't know. We're still in the beginning stages of all of this. I don't know how much FET meds are. No stims, I guess, so maybe it would be cheaper than the overall total I've mentioned, but I'm not sure. Needless to say, it isn't sounding that great at this time. But it's still on our radar.

I'm thinking of cleaning the kitchen and then making cookies. Oatmeal Scotchies, I think.


Knock Me Up said...

I hate that it's getting dark so early. It is depressing just when I don't need anything else to help depress me.

I hope you are able to hold off until Tuesday to POAS but I know how hard it is.

I'm sorry you and T are having such a hard time. I hope something gives soon and you are able to celebrate.

orodemniades said...

My clinic has a price range of $3-5K for FET cycles. I have no idea if that's with or without DE.

Sarah said...

my clinic is also about $5k per FET, not including meds (or of course the embryo). i assume you're right about the drug cost, wouldn't it basically be the same as it was for IVF but without the stims? basically PIO and maybe estrace?

hoping it's all irrelevant though, and the pee stick brings you the much overdue good news.

Kim said...

New reader... but I just wanted to say that I'm sorry that you have to go through this. It's just so unfair, and the waiting game doesn't help. I'm thinking good thoughts for you though, and I'll be looking for updates in the coming days.