Wednesday, March 18, 2009

My new cube

at work seems to be making me sick. I've had a headache 85% of the time since I moved my cube. I'm trying to make some adjustments -- I think it's the light that is causing this. But it sucks to have a headache all day every day. This is not normal for me.

And I asked about possibly moving or making some more changes around my cube, but like everything else, it's complicated. So I'm going to try to block out the florescent lights that shine right it my eyes and see if it helps.

I've been kind of cranky lately.


Hopeful Mother said...

That's not cool. Any chance it's something in the air vents?

niobe said...

Have you asked if other people at work have something similar? Could it possibly be something like sick building syndrome or whatever they call it when there's something in the environment at work that makes people sick?