Sunday, March 29, 2009

Adoption Conference

Saturday T and I went to the Adoption Conference we went to last year. We were still in an exploratory place last year, and this year were were in waiting mode. We went again to the 'pre-adoptive parents' session, which is split by gender. It is always really nice to share some good discussion with people in a similar place. Most of the women there had been through infertility battles, though I did feel like more of a veteran because several of the women were just starting their adoption journeys.

Again, it's just so cool to be in a place where everybody there has been touched by adoption.

We went to several sessions about openness in adoption and communication in adoptive families. Last year we went to a session for birth parents, but we decided to not go to any birth parent/adoptee groups. We really focused on learning how to educate ourselves and our children about adoption and how to ensure good communication both with our children and our children's birth parents. It is my hope that the more I listen to people's stories and experiences, the easier it will be for us when we have to have the more difficult conversations.

This really is a wonderful conference, and we're so lucky to live close enough to attend it. I think it came at the right time when I was feeling really down. I know this is a difficult road, but when I see all of these people living their lives, it makes me feel like we can do it too.

I do still worry, and I do hear stories that scare the hell out of me. I do see people experiencing my worst fears when it comes to adoption. But despite all of the problems, parents love their children and their children do love their parents. I see plenty of biological families have issues with their family members. There are never any guarantees that things will be 'happily ever after' and I just have to accept it.

So, I'm not happy-go-lucky or feeling excited or anything, but I am trying to let go of my anger and am trying to be a little more rational.

Plus I'm counting days until pottery.


Kelly said...

That sounds like a great seminar. Thanks for the book suggestions - I will look into them!

Jessica at Bwlchyrhyd said...

"I see plenty of biological families have issues with their family members." Understatement of the century! :)

Anonymous said...

Nothing is ever perfect. But love and understanding can be more than enough to get through anything.

I am glad the conference went well.

Kelly said...

So, I will de-lurk --

We went to this conference as well, but we are just in the beginning stages of the process. It was pretty amazing to have all that information in one place! It is good to hear you still found it useful in the later stages of the process.