Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Making plans

Our 3rd wedding anniversary is one week from today. We are trying to make plans to do something nice. We want to go out to a nice dinner on the actual day of our anniversary -- but not too nice -- because we are hoping to get a weekend away on the first weekend in December. As a gift to ourselves. We don't go away much and we think it will be good for us to go away. We need to pamper ourselves.

I don't want to use any vacation time because we're hoping to visit my parents in Florida in February or March, but leaving Saturday morning, staying in a hotel, going out to a nice dinner all seems like a good get-away.

We just have to make the damn reservations.

Otherwise, everything is the same. Sometimes I feel like life is just passing us by and I am just standing on the side of the road watching it pass.


luna said...

your last statement is quite profound.

happy early anniv. hope you make some fun plans and enjoy!

DrSpouse said...

Yes, I feel exactly the same.

beagle said...

Happy Anniversary . . . and I hope the getaway is all you hope!

I totaly get that side of the road feeling too so I hope you soon get to feel the wind in your hair from flying down the road again.


(ps my word verification is "manic." I don't think I've ever had a real world and how funny it should be THAT word!)