Thursday, July 16, 2009

Out at work

I told my boss and HR today.

I was really scared. I cried a little while telling them. But it does feel like a monkey off of my back.

They were supportive and happy for me. I mentioned the caution and how I didn't want people to know until papers were signed, just in case we left and I came back a few days later without a baby. They seemed to get it.

The HR woman had a friend who was matched and the birth mother decided to parent after the baby was born. So I feel she does get it a little bit.

My boss has a crazy family story, but is pretty open about it. I'm more worried about her saying something. She said that she'd say, 'Family issues' or 'Personal issues' when she was informing people that they may have to take over some of my work. I think she's going to consult me before she decides how she's going to split up my responsibilities and maybe I'll have some control over it, but we'll see.

But I do feel some relief that I came clean.

Now I just have to worry about whether I will indeed come home with a baby or not. And a bunch of other stuff.


Anonymous said...

I hope that is one stress gone.

Kelly said...

Hopefully being able to mark this big thing off your list will help you out with the rest of it. It sounds like they both pretty much got it that you want this to be private.

ultimatejourney said...

I bet that is a huge relief. Sending good thoughts for dealing with everything else.

Robin said...

I'm so glad you got that over with...and what a relief that they seemed supportive!

E said...

I know the feeling. I just told one of my bosses, who was really the last of the people at work who need to know about our adoption plans. It was a relief to get that done.

Hang in there...I'm wishing you the best of luck!