Wednesday, July 15, 2009


I'm just so tired. Can't write paragraphs.
  • B-dog did terrible where we boarded him. He broke a window screen and whined and peed in the house.
  • MIL is having fun but driving me a little batty. Ok, a lot batty.
  • Car appointment Friday.
  • Visiting two new boarding places for B-dog this weekend.
  • Pediatrician visit next Thursday.
  • Telling work next week. I can tell HR at the beginning of the week, but don't think I'll have time to tell my boss until Friday. Is that bad? My boss has such a big mouth. I'm totally nervous.
  • Office outing Thursday.
  • Still can't really think.
  • The dog is still waking up super early. I'm not getting enough sleep.
  • B-dog is super clingy after being boarded for one night. I'm worried about what it's going to be like when we're gone for almost two weeks.
  • Work is getting busy and I can't focus. It sucks.


niobe said...

You do have a lot going on. Do you think B-dog is picking up on some of the general stress in the air?

Oh, and I don't know how it works in your office, but in my office, HR is apparently obligated to tell your supervisor anything you tell them, so the general policy is that it's usually better to tell your boss first. But, like I said, this may not apply at your office.

Kelly said...

We've found that our dogs do better with a dogsitter in the house (so that their routine stays the same) than at a kennel. This often costs a bit more (which sucks) but it is usually worth it for us because the adjustment is better. I also think that HR will communicate with your boss - so you might want to find a way to tell your boss first. Good luck with everything!

hope548 said...

I have been a long-time lurker. I don't know if I've ever commented and I haven't stopped in for a few months. I am just so thrilled for you and hope that this match works out and that you bring home a baby boy in a month or so! Our match was about 2 months long and it was hard to relax! Good luck, I hope everything goes smoothly!