Sunday, March 18, 2007

count number two

Not much of an improvement at this ultrasound. I had 7 follicles -- still just 2 on the left and 5 on the right. Two of them were over 20 mm, so I'm not sure if we're just going to trigger with only 7 or if we're going to hope for some more or what. I will hear from a nurse later.

I'm not feeling great about this number, but I'm not freaking out as much as I was Friday. I'm still extremely disappointed, and I wonder if this means that I have a low ovarian reserve -- not too surprising since I'm going to be 35 in two months. I just thought I would respond better than this. I've gotten pregnant 3 times on our own, and my fertility goes up right after I stop taking the pill, so I thought I would respond to the medication better. I never expected 20 eggs. But I thought I would at least have 10 or 12. Seven is close to ten, I guess. Maybe I'll get three more follicles before retrieval. Who knows. But I can't help but feel slightly bummed out. If this cycle doesn't work, I'm definitely going to demand a slightly different protocol next time. I need to have a better response than this.

One last question. I have cm. Is that normal? I thought my system was suppressed, so I thought I shouldn't do any sort of cycle stuff on my own. Are the shots triggering it? I'm worried about ovulating on my own. I will ask the nurse when she calls with my results, but have any of you had pre-fertile or fertile cm during an injections cycle?

I'll probably update after the nurse calls. E and baby S are coming over this afternoon. I hope I'm not too bummed out to hang out in any sort of normal way.

Update: So I'm to go in for another blood draw and ultrasound tomorrow. The nurse said that I'll probably trigger tomorrow night, so my retrieval would be Wednesday (if I understand this process correctly). She thinks that it will just be the 7 follicles for retrieval. The minimum number of follicles for PGD is 5 or 6, so we're just over the minimum. This does not feel good. I'm no longer holding out much hope for this cycle.


Valerie said...

Keep your head up. I only had 3 follicles big enough and we got 3 eggs. I will be keeping you in my thoughts.

Merideth said...

I'm sorry. Considering you need to do PGD, I don't blame you at all for thinking 7 is a small number. What protocol are you on? I'm on maximum meds and got around the same number. If you are not on maximum meds then you could definitely get an increased dosage if you have to do this again (fingers crossed you don't though).

As for CM, I got a HUGE, EPIC amount this a.m. never had that much before and am afraid of the same thing -- am I ovulating? Are you on Lupr*on? If so, then it is really unlikely that you will ovulate. I'm on centr*tide and I'm assuming the same thing but will also check with my RN at tomorrow's b/w & u/s.

We are definitely on the same schedule -- I will probably trigger tomorrow with ER on Wednesday.

Fingers are crossed for you that you will have 7 good mature eggs to fertilize.

Hopeful Mother said...

I am hoping for you and your follicles!

The CM is normal, especially if you are getting close to retrieval time. Your follicles produce estrogen, which is what causes the CM production.

serenity said...

Hang in there, hon... I again am hoping that you get your miracle.

As for the CM - I will echo pp - I have a ton of it too. You won't ovulate on Lupron, and the EWCM is a product of your estrogen levels increasing.

*hug* Hoping for you!