Monday, March 12, 2007


Did my first stim injection last night. It went smoothly, though it bled more than the Lu*pron has, maybe because of the pause before removing the needle? Not sure. It's amazing how immune I am to needles these days. I mean, I was never nervous around needles before, but when I first started I was like, "Two shots in one night!" but it just is really nothing.

I feel really tired, which may have to do with the time change, but maybe the meds too. I have heard other women say that these meds make them tired.

I'm still feeling emotional, though it's difficult to separate stuff in my life from stuff from hormones.

I am paid off of a grant, and the grant is going to be transferred from one institution to another. The new institution is going to consider me a new employee. The three months of seniority I have earned is going to go down the tubes. Since FMLA is not given to employees until they've been employed for a year, if this cycle works, I will not qualify for FMLA anymore. In order to get disability, you have to invoke FMLA, so if we get pregnant, I will not be able to have a (partially) paid maternity leave.

This sucks. I'm lucky in that we could survive this with just T's salary for a while -- probably a long while if we made some simple lifestyle changes -- but it's just frustrating that this is happening outside of what seems reasonable. If I had stayed pregnant with pg #3, I would have missed out, but that would have been my own doing. I got a job and got pregnant immediately. I would have lived with that timing. But this timing is being forced on me and it feels terribly unfair. I need to check the local laws to see if this is actually legal. Any ideas, anyone?

My blood test is still scheduled for Wednesday morning. There's not much else to report.


serenity said...

Hey there, cyclesista - thanks for stopping by my blog today!

Sounds like we're on the exact same schedule - a day apart.

IMO, the emotions are the hardest part of managing the whole IVF thing. So. Eat your girl scout cookies... and be kind to yourself right now.


Sarah said...

hi, thanks for the comment on my blog. that is frustrating about the FMLA. the last thing we need is job stress in this whole process. wish i had some special knowledge about all that to impart but it's clear you know than i do!

best of luck to you with this cycle. i look forward to checking back in on you.

Sara said...

That is frustrating indeed about the FMLA. If you do get pregnant, I would talk to the HR department of your new employer. Sometimes they will find a way to help you, especially in situations like this, where it's clearly not your "fault".

Mary Ellen and Steve said...

I am glad that stims are going okay so far. It sucks about the FMLA thing though.

Good luck with your monitoring visit on Wednesday!

Hopeful Mother said...

I hope you can get the FMLA thing worked out.

Even more so, I hope you are in a situation (PG!) where you *need* to get the FMLA thing worked out!

Hope all continues to go well!