Tuesday, February 13, 2007


Well, I have a schedule.

I started the pill on 2/11.
I receive my meds in the mail on 2/22.
I start Lu*pron injections on 2/25.
I stop the pill on 3/3.
I should get my period about 3/8 - 3/10.
I reduce the Lu*pron and start the Folli*stim around 3/11.
I have a blood test around 3/14.
I start my ultrasounds around 3/16.
Estimated egg retrieval 3/23.
Estimated embryo transfer (if there are any) 3/28.

So I guess this is real.


Kris said...

Thanks for you comment.

It's amazing to believe they can schedule all that stuff so far in advance, isn't it?

Good luck with the cycle.

Mary Ellen and Steve said...

Great news Rachel!

Hopeful Mother said...

It will be here before you know it! YAY - a plan!

Sara said...

Good luck! You're already on your way now. I hope that your journey isn't too rocky, and that it ends up in a happy place.