Wednesday, February 07, 2007

back to zero

I had another blood test and my hCg was back down to 0. I expected it, as I'm pretty sure I already ovulated, but it's nice to be sure. So, as soon as af comes I can start the pill. I can even switch to the pill I used to be on in order to prevent pregnancy, as if I can remember such a time. So things are moving forward.

I've been working on trying to get reimbursed for the PGD. I was on the phone with the insurance woman for almost an hour. Our insurance changed because my job changed, and I had to get everything straightened out. Some things are on the old insurance, some things are on the new insurance, and some things needed to be transferred. I had to get some things faxed to me and fax some of those things to other people, but I think I finally have it straightened out.

Our approval for 3 IVF cycles lasted 6 months. It runs out on 3/7/2007. By then we will have just started our first cycle. This is taking forever.

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margo said...

Good news that you are back to zero. How exciting that you will be starting soon! Thinking of you.