Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Not much

Things are going fine. The shots are fine. I'm not bruising (thank you, belly fat!) and I'm not feeling any effects. It's fine.

Both T and I are having stressful times at work, but we're coping. I'm exercising a little (but not too hard) and that's helping me with my stress. I'm freaking out about the exercising and I keep looking for articles about IVF and exercise. As far as I can tell, it's just important to not do hard core exercise, and not to exercise more than 4 hours per week. We have an elliptical, and I'm using it lightly for less than half an hour every other day. That should be okay, right? It certainly helps my mood, and I would hate to lose it. I keep meaning to ask someone at the RE's office, but I haven't.

Also, who has those progesterone suppositories. I just saw something from the pharmacy where I got the drugs and it said to take of the plastic wrapping. Well, it looks like a gelcap, and to take off the wrapping would be to extrude goo from the gelcap. What are they talking about? Again, I have plenty of time before I use them and I will ask before I do, but I just don't get it.

I wish I had something more exciting to say, but I don't. My purse is coming along well.


margo said...

I think that the fact that everything is going so well so far is exciting. No news is good news. No advice on the suppositories. I alway did PIO. Hang in there my dear.

Sara said...

I've used suppositories (they were bullet-shaped and kind of waxy, and looked more or less like OB tampons) and PIO (ouch!) and am now using crinone gel. Crinone gel is about the consistency of toothpaste and comes in an applicator. Amazingly, it doesn't leak much, so I just lurve it. The suppositories were a huge mess. It sounds like yours are different, though. I imagine that you stick the whole gelcap up there. Maybe if you do it before bed, the leakage won't be too bad. Hopefully another poster can help.

Good luck!