Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Big Day

Arriving home from work today I found several interesting things in the mail.

1) My meds arrived. I wasn't expecting them until tomorrow, but that's okay. I've seen pictures of other people's meds, and mine don't look like much. Of course, I have progesterone suppositories and not the PIO injections, so maybe that's why. I'm also only doing Lu*pron and Folli*stim injections, so that's not much either. The Lu*pron says it's a 14 day supply, and I think i have to inject that for longer than 14 days, but I'm only doing 10 units and then when I start stims decreasing to 5 units, so I think it should be enough. It came with its own syringes, and I also got a supply of more. Not sure why that happened either. I better figure it out, though.

2) Our approval came. We had some problems with insurance and we had to switch insurance and it took so long for everything to fall into place that our approval expired, but I got a letter in the mail saying we have approval for 3 cycles through August. So that's set.

3) Our reimbursement came. We have to pay for the PGD up front, so we got a nice, fat check for that payment today. That's just such a great thing.

So now I have to wait until Sunday for my first injection.


Valerie said...

Good luck with your shots. I was plesantly surprised that so far the shots have not hurt. I just started my stuff on Monday. I am going to blogroll yoou to keep up with your journey since we are cycling together. Oh yeah I live near Boston too.

Mary Ellen said...
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Mary Ellen and Steve said...

Good luck with everything Rachel. You are on your way!

Artblog said...

Good luck Rachel :)

Hopeful Mother said...

Good luck Rachel!

Sara said...

I'm so glad to hear that all of the insurance stuff worked out.

Good luck with the injections. You're on your way now!