Saturday, January 06, 2007


While driving to have my blood drawn on Thursday morning, my car starting making a horrible noise. I pulled over and shut the car off. I turned the car back on, but the horrible noise didn't go away. I was pissed. I called T. He was crazy busy at work. I called my Dad. He told me to call AAA and take a cab. I cried. I called the mechanic. They could take my car. I called AAA and sat in the car for 40 min waiting for them to tow me to the garage. I called E because she is home with baby S on Thursdays. I lamented what seems to me as my bad luck. E said it was only temporary.

The tow truck came, I took public transportation to have my blood taken, and then I took public transportation to work. I found out my low HcG and the mechanic called to tell me it's going to cost $900 to fix my car. I had just spent $750 on it two months ago. T and I decided it's time to get a new car. Of course, the car was not drivable, so we had to pay to get it fixed anyway.

Friday, it took a while for the doctor to call. I was beginning to freak out. I didn't know what I could do. I didn't want to have a miscarriage on my vacation. I wanted to know if I had to 'act' pregnant or not (read: can I drink margaritas?) But the doctor said though it wasn't likely this was a viable pregnancy, she couldn't say for certain. There was nothing that we could do before I leave on Tuesday morning. The only thing we could do was take more blood and see what the levels were doing. That way I could know how to act on my vacation.

So I had blood taken this morning and will again on Monday morning. I'm assuming it will be going down at this point. The doctor will call me on Monday and she can tell me what to expect based on these numbers. And hopefully I will be able to relax while I'm away.

I will try to post the results from Monday, but as we are leaving at 6 am on Tuesday morning, there's a chance things will be too crazy. But I will try.

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Hopeful Mother said...

Rachel, I'm sorry you are in such limbo. It must be horrible not to know exactly what's going on.

You are in my thoughts.