Saturday, January 27, 2007

Next steps

T and I had a wonderful conversation with the genetic counselor from out PGD company. We expected it to be terrible, but it was the most intelligent and frank conversation we've had with any professional about having a balanced translocation. It's what the conversation with the genetic counselor at the hospital should have been.

She explained how the probe works. We learned that we will not be able to distinguish between balanced embryos and normal embryos. She told us that we should still have CVS or Amnio if I get pregnant just in case. She told us to expect 0, 1 or 2 transferable embryos per IVF cycle.

She said that the number of transferable embryos per cycle tends to remain the same, as the percentage of affected sperm tends to split up the same way over and over again. So, if we have 1 transferable embryo on one cycle, most likely on the next cycle we would also have one. If we have 0 embryos, we should try one more IVF cycle just in case, but if we have two cycles with no embryos, it will be time to move on to other options.

I expected this report, but it sort of threw T for a bit of a loop. PGD is not the be-all end-all for us, but we can have some hope that it might work.

I have a phone consultation with my RE on Tuesday morning to make sure I can start the pill when I have my next period. There is a small chance he'll want me to wait one additional cycle, but I'm going to really push to not do this.

I also had my hCg taken on Thursday and it was still high -- 43. So, I have to have it taken again next week. Some really gross things have happened since then to make me think that it will continue to go down in a speedy fashion.

Nothing is easy.

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