Thursday, January 18, 2007

Back from Cancun

We've returned from our week in Cancun. Though Cancun isn't a place we would choose to go on our own, but it was relaxing and we did some things we had never done before. We went snorkeling at Xel-Ha which was wonderful. We also both got a massage. We ate some wonderful food and drank way too much. When all the alcohol is included, it's sure easy to drink a lot. We also saw a bunch of Mayan ruins. The first was a small site called Tulum, and we went to the huge Mayan enclave of Chichen-Itza which was one of the most amazing things I've seen in my life. It was incredible. So, it was nice to be away for a week, but it is always good to come home.

I started spotting on Thursday and was all out bleeding on Sunday. Monday wasn't a very good day, and of course that's the day we took a cramped (pun intended) 3 hour bus ride to Chichen-Itza. I wasn't happy, but the advil helped. I'm still bleeding a little bit and I'm ready for it to end. It will be about 3 more weeks until I get my period and that's when I'll start the pill. The RE will take it from here.

We have a consultation with the PGD folks on Jan 25. I will call my RE's office after this phone call and inform them about all of this. I haven't told them anything because I just know that they'll want me to have one clean cycle before starting the pill and whatnot.

That's the news for now. T is having minor surgery tomorrow to remove a bump from his wrist. I will stay home with him in the afternoon. I'm not too worried.

Such is life. Onwards and upwards.

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