Monday, January 22, 2007

hCg levels still high

I had my blood taken on Friday and my hCg was still up at 86. This sucks. This means that it's going to be more than 3 weeks until I get my period so it's going to be more than 6 weeks before we can start injections. We might be waiting until practically April to start this. This whole process is so frustrating! Going simply by numbers, I'm still technically pregnant. I know it can take a few weeks for the hormones to go away, but I didn't have much of a problem with that when I had my last two miscarriages. When I started bleeding, my numbers went way down. But of course it's not happening this time. Sigh.

I have to have more blood taken at the end of the week. Hurray.

I can't believe I've been pregnant the same number of times that my mother has. She has 3 children.


Margo said...

I am sorry Rachel. This is frustrating. I hope that they are down by the end of the week. Hug.

Hopeful Mother said...

Very frustrating indeed. I hope things turn around quickly for you.