Thursday, April 27, 2006

Thursdays are my favorite

Today is Thursday. Thursday has often been my favorite day of the week. It all started with Winnie-the-Pooh. One Thursday he wanted to go see all of his friends and say hello, but Piglet decided they needed a reason. So, being the Winnie-the-Pooh that he is, he thought they could go because it was Thursday. This makes me enjoy wishing people a Happy Thursday. I also enjoy the anticipation of the weekend. Plus, these days I get paid on Thursdays, and that is a good thing. So all in all, Thursdays are not a bad day of the week.

This Thursday started out with something that is sure to become a ritual. I went to the hospital and had some blood taken. Way back when, when I was supposed to be 8 weeks pregnant and we were supposed to have our first ultrasound, we scheduled an appointment. T wanted to be there, of course, so he took the time off from work. So, though I had miscarried, T decided to come along. And since he was there we decided to do all the miscarriage bloodwork. That was how we found out about his balanced translocation. Anyway, I gave my blood as well, but of course the lab lost it. So my chromosomes were never done. That meant that I had to go back and give more blood so they could actually look at my chromosomes this time.

I am trying very hard, and mostly succeeding, to not worry about my chromosomes. The chances of having a balanced translocation like T is somewhere between 1 in 500 and 1 in 1200. So the chance of me having something that rare also, seems pretty remote (though I think statistically it's the same. It's just much less likely that two people with some chromosomal abnormality would end up married to each other or something.) Probability is a weird thing. I should probably understand this better due to my class, but that is just taking comprehension to an entirely new level. Ok, back to the worrying that I'm not doing. I am not worried (much) about my chromosomes.

My mantra is, since I got pregnant easily, once we get viable embryos we will be able to get pregnant. I know that I am extremely lucky to have gotten pregnant so quickly and to have had this all diagnosed while we're young and there's time to go through all of this. And the fact that I got pregnant easily bodes well for this IVF implantation thing to work well for me and my uterus.

The thing to worry about is getting those embryos.

Now I'm starting to feel for what T's going to have to do in this process. That little cup. Ugh. I'd be mortified if I were him. Of course, I was in the emergency room, bleeding, with a young male med student, a nurse, a resident and an intern looking up my private parts (during the first miscarriage), so I guess that makes us somewhat even? But it just can't be easy to hand some doctor a cup of your own sperm. (Yes, yes, I'm sure he leaves it on some table in some room somewhere, but still. I mean, urine samples are icky enough.)

Crap, I was going to talk about something else. Well, back in the world of biostatistics, I got 100% on homework #4. That's a good thing. And I handed in homework #5 on time. And I went to my class this week so I don't have to watch it online this weekend.

The weather is supposed to be nice this weekend, so I will spend some time in the garden. Does anybody know anything about growing flowers from seeds? I am very new to gardening, but am loving it so far. I usually kill plants, but the ones we have in our new house are thriving, so far. And I even have a spider plant that I grew from the little babies that you can just pull off. I'm pretty proud of that. I'm trying to have a perennial garden, since low maintenance is better for me.

So things are going a bit better here at Henry Street. I didn't cry once yesterday, that hasn't happened in weeks. I have sort of teared up, but my goal is no crying all weekend.

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