Monday, February 24, 2014

Going crazy

I'm starting to go nuts here. I think I might have PMS which is making me bloat and feel even more emotional than I already am, but this wait is KILLING me.

I can only think about things going wrong. I really don't think N is going to change her mind, but I know B is having a hard time with it. He may have already signed papers, which is legal in FL, but is this ethical? I'm also afraid about the baby having major health problems. I'm also worried about the unknown paternity. H had a rough weekend and I'm worried about dealing with him and the baby.

I'm just suddenly feeling so fearful and like everything is wrong about this.

It's probably just my hormones freaking me out, but I'm going crazy and not in a good way.


astral said...

I think it is natural to worry. I hope and pray for everything to go well!!

Stacie said...

I would think this kind of stress is totally normal before a big life change like this. I know that I questioned everything right before I had my youngest. Could I possibly do this? What was I thinking?

Take a deep breath, and try to hold on to the faith. Much love to you!

ultimatejourney said...

I think the anticipation is the hardest part. Once the baby's here, you'll having less time to worry, and you'll just do what you have to do.

H was out of school last week, right? I think the extended lack of structure is hard on a lot of kids.

Thinking of you guys.