Monday, July 22, 2013


How do I go about making these decisions?

I'm not even sure the west coast people want to give us the embryos. They are highly committed to a very open relationship. We are fine with that, but it will definitely be some work.  Their embryos are older, but are frozen in separate straws and there are five.

The other person would definitely give her embryos to us. There are only three of them and I believe they are all in one straw. But they are much newer and I could have the FET at the original clinic where they were frozen.

I still have a million more appointments at clinics and my HSG tomorrow and I have to find a lawyer. But we don't really know how to decide.

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ultimatejourney said...

Do you know the origins of either of the couples' infertility? I guess I'd also be trying to factor in some speculation on the likelihood of the embryos taking based on that, if the info is available.

Is the local person interested in an open relationship? Do you prefer that type of relationship?

I know they say that time shouldn't matter when things are frozen cryogenically, but I do not think our sperm was the same after 4 years in the freezer. It's not something I can prove, just my gut feeling. (My eggs probably weren't the same 4 years later either, but at least they were stored in their biologically-designed way.)

Good luck with the HSG.