Thursday, July 25, 2013

And then there was one

I just got an email from the local embryo donor possibility. She used donor gametes and her contract with the donor states she cannot donate them to another person for birthing. So, now I have to hope the west coast people want to donate to us.

I have to admit I am thrown for a loop and sad.

But now we don't have to make a decision. The decision will be made for us.

I hope the west coast people choose us. I hope I want them. They seem kind of high maintenance, but maybe that's just me.  We talked to them via skype this past weekend and I truly liked them as people.

I'm back to freaking out about this. But I guess I can cancel my appointment with the RE where the local embryos were stored.


DrSpouse said...

Oh that's hard. I never really knew it was hard to find donor embryos in the US (it's more or less impossible here so I never even considered it).

jennifer anderson said...

frozen embryos, little people waiting in limbo, it's so deep!

Anonymous said...

Good luck! I can't imagine being on this particular roller coaster! I hope you get a match soon!

Karen said...

OMG I am just catching up now. Holy shit, girl you are having a rough summer. I'm so sorry about B-dog and the adoption falling through. I love the idea of donor embryos and am crossing my fingers that this works out.

HUGE hugs.