Thursday, April 01, 2010

How to know

We're starting to think about moving. We love our house and we hate moving, but the house will feel small once we have another kid, and we have BIG issues with our neighborhood. We love the location of this house. We could stay in this house with another kid, but it wouldn't be ideal. But there is a lot of yelling and swearing in the neighborhood and it really upsets me to think this is what Henry is going to observe when he plays outside. I don't want him to learn about this stuff so early. I know he will learn all this stuff someday, but I'd rather it be after I'm able to control most of what he encounters -- you know, at least til he's 5 or something.

Part of me doesn't want to move. I don't know if it's the right thing or not. But I don't think we're going to live in this house forever and maybe while the market is still a little down we should do an upgrade. Sure we've lost some money on this house, but if you add it all up and spread it out over the 5 years we've lived here, it's still cheaper than the rent we would have paid had we not bought it.

One of the bigger problems about this is that I don't know where I want to move to. The towns I would really want to move to we cannot afford. It has to be convenient to T's work. I'm not big on the suburbs, so it has to be near the city. I think I'm going to have to compromise myself a bit and move further away from the city than I would like. I'm unhappy about this, but I think it's the only way.

I wish I knew what to do.

I guess it doesn't cost anything to look.


Anonymous said...

For me, looking is dangerous. And depressing because I can't have what I want.

Robin said...

You are right though, this is totally the time to do it. You could get more house for the money now than later. Looking is free, AND you might surprise yourself and find something perfect.

Good luck with whatever you decide..

Sue said...

Looking could be good. It might help you decide if you want to go ahead and move soon, or wait a little longer. Good luck!

serenity said...

I was going to say that it can't hurt to look, both to test out the market AND see if you can find a good compromise in terms of location.

I can tell you that we live a LONG WAYS AWAY from the city. Took me a while to reconcile it, but we like it now.

But there may be a neighborhood in a suburb closer to the city that you LOVE. And it might be more affordable now than you think, housing prices being down and all.