Monday, June 08, 2009

bad night

I was happy to grill for the first time. In my excitement with the grilling I was running into the house and I slammed my left hand on the outdoor banister and I gouged my knuckle and my hand really hurts.

Then B-dog was acting funny - pacing around and walking in circles without stopping. We noted he was acting funny but didn't know why. There was a lot of dog activity across the street so we thought it was that. Then he peed in the kitchen.

He's never peed in the house before. In retrospect, that's why he was pacing around and acting so funny. Now we now. But we have a set walk schedule and I'm not sure why he couldn't stick to it today. Now I'm worried about leaving him all day tomorrow.

I can't type because my hand hurts too much from hitting it.

Tonight sucked.


Almamay said...

OUCH! I can really sympathise because I do things like that.

Hope B-dog settles. x

Natalie said...

Ouch! Sorry about the hand! You'll pick up on the dog signals with time. It's kind of funny now, I see something out of the corner of my eye and announce that Zeeke's going to puke. Of course it's only me who picks up on it....

Kelly said...

Ouch indeed. I hate when things like that happen - hope your hand heals soon. Hopefully B-dog's accident was a one-time deal.

Gil said...

So how is the hand these days? Improving I hope?

Poor puppy; I bet he was beside himself when he had to pee so badly. Animals often feel ashamed when they have accidents like that. I know it isn't cool to deal with, but I hope he got a hug anyway. Poor thing. Now though, you know the signs to look for when he really needs OUT!

Here's hoping your week is looking better!

niobe said...

Ouch is right. Hope things are going better.